FiR leaflet

FIR leaflet - scan 1 main image

Ɓukasz, in Poland, was so unimpressed by the quality of the image on the FiR advert in Bicisport from April 1989 that he sent me these two scans. Many thanks to him for them - they are very informative!

I am not entirely sure, but I believe that these images come from a leaflet published by FiR in 1989. Some notable features are:

  • The FiR Gemini, shown, has a pulley cage that wraps around until it is hidden behind the main parallelogram. Also the tension pulley is completely hidden by the pulley cage plates. Neither of these are true of my example.
  • The elusive FiR Apollo is shown. This may be the only photo of it that I can think of. It is clearly a DNP model, but has rather slinky pulley cage plates with a shape that I have not seen on other DNP models.

  • The two mountain bike models also appear, in greater detail than in Bicisport. Again they are both clearly DNP products.

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