FIAT-Eurobouw-Cambio Rino cycling team - 1980 postcard

Rino postcard - 1980 FIAT-Eurobouw-Cambio Rino cycling team scan 1 main image

FIAT-Eurobouw-Cambio Rino was UCI category 1 professional cycling team based in Belgium during the 1980 season. They rode Saronni bikes equipped with Rino derailleurs. As such, they were a distant and pale reflection of the invincible Belgian-Italian axis established by Eddy Merckx and Tullio Campagnolo.

The manager was Edward Wouters, who I would guess is the dude wearing the snappy grey suit at the front left of the picture. Clearly, like LBJ before him, his mother hadn’t brought him up to know that brown shoes don’t make it. Mothers know this stuff.

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