Favorit - pennant

Favorit - pennant main image

In the western world we don't really produce many pennants, but the Soviet Empire loved them, and, like pin badges, they remain an integral part of Eastern European popular culture.

I don't fully understand this particular pennant - but I would guess that it was produced by a sports club based in Havířov, a gritty new town built after the Second World War in the very east of the Czech Republic, a stone's throw from the border with Slovakia. Wikipedia, slightly snootily, notes that Havířov was built as a coal mining town, and that it is the largest town in the Czech Republic that does not have a university - you get the idea that the writer is not rushing to move there.

I would also guess that, for some reason, the sports club in Havířov was sponsored by Favorit, or was running an event sponsored by Favorit.

I have been told that:

  • This pennant, with its glossy plastic look, probably dates from the early 1980s, possibly 1982.
  • That the text on the flag is not in Czech, but in Slovak.
  • That the 'new town' of Havířov has a bit of form for hosting cycle racing.

Favorit - pennant main image