Eyes Wide - Derailleur

Eyes Wide are described as an emo-rock group. The band members appear to be Grant, Aaron, Nate, and Andy (surnames are soooo Homeland Security!). They all seem to live happily in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA. If the name Hollidaysburg is not weird enough for you, the town is situated alarmingly close to ‘Blue Knob State Park’. Perhaps every day is the 1st of April in the Google Maps office.

The track ‘Derailleur’ is on their ‘5 Track Album’ (EPs must be as uncool as surnames) called ‘When It’s Raining’.

Eyes Wide generously allow anyone to embed the track in their web site - so you can play it for yourself from this very page.

  • Artist: Eyes Wide
  • Producers/Labels: Glass Nails Records
  • Themes: Music
  • Trivia related by brand: none
  • Date: recorded August 2011, released September 2012
  • Serial number: GNR002 (When It’s Raining - album)
  • Derailleur brands: none
  • Derailleurs: none
Eyes Wide - Derailleur additional image 01