Exigez les Specialités Cyclo

Exigez les Specialites Cyclo - scan 1 main image

I believe that this is a flyer handed out at a French trade show in 1949. Points of interest include:

  • As late as 1949 there is only one basic type of derailleur shown or listed - although it is offered in 3, 4, 5 and 6 speed versions. Presumably the 6 speed is a 3 speed with a double chainwheel. By 1949 the UK-based Cyclo Gear Company was offering a fulsome range of four different designs.
  • As late as 1949 there is no front derailleur shown. This was also true of the Cyclo Gear Company in 1949.
  • Développements are given for both 700C and 650B wheel sizes - which you could misunderstand as being very modern.