European Patent # 0 528 425 B1 - MAVIC

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This is the European patent that was granted for the design that became the MAVIC ZMS 800. It also relates to French Patent # 2,687,977 and European Patent Application # 0 528 425 A1.

This European patent, granted in 1997, shows:

  • The inventors were Jean-Pierre Corbier Lacombe and Jean-Pierre Mercat, based in Chavanod and Can-Gevrier both of which are suburbs of Annecy, France (see scan 1).
  • Unlike the French Patent and even the European Patent Application, the applicant was MAVIC S.A. (see scan 1).
  • Also unlike the French patent, the drawings include images of the slanted sliding rod mechanism eventually used in the MAVIC ZMS 800. This was designed to maintain a fairly constant chain gap (see scan 23 and scan 24).

  • Publisher: European Patent Office
  • Inventor: Jean-Pierre Corbier Lacombe and Jean-Pierre Mercat
  • Country: none - Europe is still not a country
  • Date: Priority date February 1992
  • Derailleur brands: MAVIC
  • Derailleurs: an early design of the MAVIC Zap (ZMS 800)

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