ESKA Favorit -
Návod k obsluze jízdních kol 1981?

ESKA Favorit - Navod k obsluze jizdnich kol 1981 scan 1 main image

This instruction book indicates that ESKA and Favorit were brands of the same company until quite recent times.

What do I see in it? Well...:

  • The wealth of design. This booklet is just so much more stylish than contemporary offerings from western giants like Raleigh or Schwinn
  • The poverty of the quality of printing. Why in the worker-state is it the white-collar designers who come up with the goods and the blue-collar printers who produce such garbage? Was Communism an Art School project that ran amok?
  • The strange wastefulness of the Soviet empire - in a 30 page document do you really need five pages for notes and six pages that show nothing but branding?

The Favorit Special derailleur features on scan 17

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