The staff of ‘Cycling’

Cycling magazine, widely known as ‘the Comic’, is effectively the house journal of British competitive cycling. It was founded in 1891 and has played an active role in the racing community, notably by reporting local race results, ever since.

It appears to have changed its name slightly any number of times, from ‘Cycling’ to ‘Cycling and Moting’ (eh?!) to ‘Cycling & Mopeds’ and is currently correctly called ‘Cycling Weekly’. It probably reverted to being called ‘Cycling’ in between most of these aberrations - and may yet do so again.

If I was being brutally honest I would have to say that I have never found it to be a particularly fascinating read - its value lies mainly in providing an up to date weekly source of racing news.

One particularly egregious feature of the magazine was the ‘much loved’ cartoons of Johnny Helms. These featured almost without interruption from 1946 to 2009 - a rare achievement - but I can’t recall a single one that I found even mildly funny - an even rarer achievement.