see also Gaetano Belloni - 1922? postcard

see also Gaetano Belloni - 1922? postcard

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Sanremo is a brand of distinctive vintage single pulley derailleur that you come across occasionally at bike jumbles in Italy. The derailleur looks as if it may date from sometime between the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s.

The Sanremo derailleur has two sets of interesting text embossed on it:

  • On the b-knuckle it says 'CAMBIO SANREMO MOD. G. BELLONI'. This might translate as 'San Remo derailleur, Model G. Belloni'. Gaetano Belloni was a famous cyclist based in the Milano area, who won the Giro in 1920 and, perhaps more pertinently, the Milano-Sanremo in both 1917 and 1920.
  • Near what would be the p-knuckle, if there was one, it says 'BREV.N 385492'. This is a patent or registered design number. Unfortunately, because of the neanderthal nature of the Italian Patent Office, it seems only to be possible to check this by turning up in person and queueing for a not inconsiderable number of days.