Italian Patent 1,123,752 - Rino main image Italian Patent 1,123,752 - Rino main image Italian Patent 1,123,752 - Rino main image

Cambio Rino is based in Ossona, near Milano. The company was founded by Rino Radaelli in 1969. Rino Radaelli had previously been a keen amateur cyclist and had run a bicycle shop - out of which Cambio Rino developed. At first the company appears to have been an importer, but from 1978 it also started to manufacture its own components, then assembled a groupset and went on to offer framesets.

Cambio Rino proudly claims to be only the second company in the whole world to produce a rear derailleur with a slant parallelogram (in 1978). This is a slightly strange boast, and the subject of some debate. SunTour developed the slant parallelogram in 1964 and had a patent on it until 1984. The Rino 1978 design clearly and irrefutably infringes SunTour’s patent (the Rino is a blatant copy). Rino had imported SunTour components and so could not possibly have been unaware of the situation. Some people claim to know ‘for a fact’ that SunTour took legal action against Cambio Rino, others are equally certain that Cambio Rino had licensed the design. Cambio Rino certainly went on producing slant parallelogram derailleurs at least up until 1983 when they produced the Excel Ultimate (for Excel) - the derailleur that was used by Lon Haldeman in the 1983 Race Across America.

Until 2008, Cambio Rino had a live web site and all the appearances of being in business.