L'Officiel A.C.M.

L'Officiel A.C.M. is the shortened title of 'L'Officiel de l'Automobile du Cycle de la Motocyclette'. It, in turn, descibes itself as the official organ of 'la Fédération Nationale de l'Automobile, du Cycle, de l'Aéronautique et des Industries qui si rattachant'. That's a lot of different means of transport!

It is essentially the trade rag for the French car, motorbike and bicycle trades.

Around about 1950 the magazine started to be published on alternate weeks with a red cover for automobile news and then, the next week, with a green cover for news of bicycles, motorbikes and, bizarrely, camping. The following week it was back to a red cover and car news etc.. A little later the editorial separation seems to have become more complete, camping seems to have lost its charm and the bicycle related version became titled 'l'Officiel du Cycle et du Motocycle'. I have been a touch lazy and listed all the entries over the entire period under the 'L'Officiel A.C.M.'