Aubery - catalogue 1910 & 1911

Aubery - catalogue 1910 & 1911

  • Publisher: Aubery
  • Date: 1910
  • Derailleur brands: Boizot
  • Derailleurs: Boizot 2 speed
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L. Aubery seems to have run a bicycle shop in Paris in the early 20th century. A correspondent sent me two, slightly dodgy, scans from the 1910 catalogue.

I note:

  • L. Aubery specialised in French and American bicycle components. We do not always think of the USA as being a components powerhouse, but it was in 1910.
  • The business was based in the Rue Roger-Bacon. Roger Bacon (c.1214 - c.1292) was one of the founders of the modern scientific method. Google Maps reports that he is celebrated by Roger Bacon Lane in Oxford (where he spent much of his life, lecturing on Aristotle), Rue Roger-Bacon in Paris (where he taught at the University alongside Saint Albertus Magnus) and Roger Bacon Drive in Reston, Virginia, USA. For its part, Roger Bacon Drive is home to two buildings, a MacDonalds and a Pizza Hut - which is appropriate in an American-kind-of-way - after all, Roger Bacon was not only one of the more significant figures in the history of the philosophy of western science, he also shared a name with a popular, mildly carcinogenic, foodstuff.
  • One of the components offered by L. Aubery in 1910 was the Boizot derailleur, also manufactured in Paris, five minutes across the Seine in Puteaux. The 1910 catalogue contains a fine illustration of the Boizot 2 speed derailleur.