DNP - web site 2010?

DNP - web site 2010? image 1 main image

I think that these two pages come from the DNP web site in 2010. The first page gives some slightly garbled history. The second page show a, probably incomplete, selection of derailleurs.

I am told that a key indicator of the date is the angular shape of the pulley cage plates around the tension pulley on the DNP Epoch 5. So now you know!

  • Publisher: DNP
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Date: 2010?
  • Derailleur brands: DNP
  • Derailleurs: DNP Epoch (1600), DNP Epoch (1600S), DNP Epoch (1600SS), DNP Epoch (1700), DNP Flamo (1900), DNP Epoch 5 (J1352), DNP Epoch 5 (J1352S)