Ultra-lightweight - touring/mountain bike

Huret Jubilee derailleur (2248) main image White Industries LMDS derailleur main image SunTour Cyclone GT derailleur (5905 2nd style) main image

This is a identity parade of touring/mountain bike models weighing less than 220g excluding hanger plate. For examples weighed with a hanger plate, I have estimated a hanger plate as weighing 35g. They are shown in order of increasing weight.

Aside from the astonishing Huret Jubilee (2248), it’s a mixture of SunTour, US CNC exotica and Sachs/SRAM with Shimano bringing up the rear.

Note that the first seven examples weigh less than 190g and would qualify as ultralight racing derailleurs (see page 1). The Huret Jubilee (2248) is the third lightest derailleur in the whole collection - far lighter than any Campagnolo or Zeus racing derailleur.