Derailleur (USA) -
The Dirtiest Dudes in Rock 'n' Roll

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This, US, band called Derailleur is/was based in Minneapolis in groovin’ Minnesota.

The band is/was composed of:

  • Mark Kalar - bass & vocals
  • Bob Brown - drums & vocals
  • Jay Bauer-Clapp - electronics
  • Keith Pille - guitar, vocals & keyboard
  • Grant Weeks - guitar, vocals & keyboard
  • Todd Smith - Guitar, keyboards & bells (?)

The tiny, but perfectly formed, artist formerly known as Prince, Minneapolis’ most famous son, is notable only by his absence.

2008? saw the third of three virtual mp3 releases by Derailleur, an album called ‘The Dirtiest Dudes in Rock 'n' Roll’. This is the track listing:

  • 1.The Sea Song

  • 2.Taco Says

  • 3.Super Android # 13

  • 4.Rock Out

  • 5.Million Pound Sh%t Hammer

  • 6.The Greatest Rock Song in the World

  • 7.Slipping

  • 8.Wear Your Love Like Heaven

  • 9.Stan Lee

  • 10.The Ballad of Takei

Laudably, Derailleur make all their tracks available on the music page of their web site.

  • Artist: Derailleur (the US band...)
  • Producers/Labels: none?
  • Themes: Music
  • Trivia related by brand: none
  • Date: 2008?
  • Serial number: none?
  • Derailleur brands: none
  • Derailleurs: none
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