Dahon - Fahrr├Ąder 2013

Dahon Fahrrader 2013 - page 001 main image

This, German language, Dahon catalogue for model year 2013 is the first to show the whole of the 'new' SunRace-manufactured Dahon Neos range of derailleurs (Dahon Neos 7 (RDN71), Dahon Neos 8 (RDN80), Dahon Neos 9 (RDN90?)).

As usual with Dahon catalogues, some of the images still show the old SR SUNTOUR-manufactured range of Dahon Neos derailleurs. As someone who has been involved, in a small way, with catalogue production, I know that this is an easy mistake to make. But I also know that it is a mistake that competent marketing departments strain every muscle to avoid. Time for someone to buckle down and do some hard work.