Cyclo Gear
Care, Maintenance & Fitting Instructions

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This instruction booklet is mentioned on page 38 of Cyclo’s 1936 catalogue. However, I have been told that it dates from 1935, and I am inclined to believe this because (unlike the 1936 catalogue) it does not include any mention of the Cyclo Witmy derailleur.

It contains a wealth of information about the fitting and adjustment of the Cyclo Standard design of derailleur.

It also contains Cyclo’s usual measure of no-nonsense social commentary and character building advice. I particularly like the section, on the inside front cover, titled ‘Unfair Judgement of Derailleur Gearing - An admission by one of the leading Press critics of the Cycle Trade’.

But best of all are the “Cyclo Don’ts” on page 1 including:

  • ‘DON’T leave your cycle where the “village mechanical idiot” can interfere with the control lever, otherwise your chain may jump off when you remount...’
  • ‘DON’T expect the bearings of the change action to lubricate themselves...’
  • ‘DON’T simply grumble if your gear goes wrong and condemn it out of hand...’.

A fine example of the Mary-Poppins-The-Sound-of-Music-overweening-English-governess school of customer service. Julie Andrews would be proud.

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