Cyclo catalogue 50/A

Cyclo Catalogue 50-A - front cover main image

This fine and comprehensive tome is a bit of a mystery. It appears to be primarily aimed at securing exports to Cyclo’s ‘overseas friends’. But how exactly that squares with showing all the prices in pounds shillings and pence is not entirely clear. Perhaps the 50/A designation indicates that this was a 1950 catalogue, with the ‘A’ standing for for Australia, which enjoyed the benefits of its very own Australian pounds shillings and pence up to 1966. That would also square with the enthusiastic description of, the Australian, Hubert Opperman (Oppy to you an me) as ‘the world’s greatest rider of modern times’ (page 2).

If all this speculation is true, the 1950 Cyclo derailleur range for Australia included the Cyclo Two Speed (which is not included in the 1950 British range shown in catalogue 504). It comprised:

  • The Cyclo Two Speed.
  • The Cyclo Three Speed.
  • The Cyclo Four Speed.
  • The Cyclo Ace.
  • The Cyclo Benelux

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