Cyclo catalogue 382

Cyclo Catalogue 382 - front cover main image

This 1938 Cyclo catalogue is one of my favourites. I particularly appreciate:

  • The collar worn by the cyclist on the front cover. Geoff Boycott eat your heart out.
  • The rubber stamped warning on the front cover, announcing the onset of war in a particularly obscure way.
  • The quotation from Kipling on the inside front cover - which must have meant something to someone.
  • The depiction of a ‘recognised expert’ on page 4. Clearly expertise needs to be marinaded in warm beer.
  • The small but evocative picture of cyclists battling the wind and rain on page 7.
  • Ossie Nicholson’s 1938 achievement of riding 62,855 miles in one year (page 17). Beyond belief.
  • The alluring pastoral scene on page 42. All the girls love a derailleur - with a name like that it must embody all the charm and romance of la vie Francaise.

For 1938 the ever-growing Cyclo derailleur range comprises:

  • The Cyclo Two Speed.
  • The Cyclo Three Speed.
  • The Cyclo Four Speed.
  • The Cyclo Sinclo.
  • The Cyclo Ace.
  • The Cyclo Poly.
  • The Cyclo Witmy.

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