Cyclo catalogue 373

Cyclo Catalogue 373 - front cover main image

Cyclo’s 1937 catalogue is much as their 1936 version, but with the notable addition of the Cyclo Ace derailleur. The Cyclo Ace was clearly a serious product - because it is shown on page 21 with the other ‘serious’ models, while the lowly Cyclo Witmy is banished to the back pages (page 40), languishing amongst the spares and accessories. The 1937 Cyclo derailleur range, therefore, includes:

  • The Cyclo Two Speed.
  • The Cyclo Three Speed.
  • The Cyclo Four Speed.
  • The Cyclo Ace
  • The Cyclo Witmy.

As an aside, and in an age when every downhill mountain biker seems to have half a film studio mounted on their helmet, I had to chuckle at the camera mount on page 46.

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