Cyclo catalogue 362

Cyclo Catalogue 362 - front cover main image

This 1936 Cyclo catalogue includes a number of noteworthy items:

  • The ‘unique honour’ of having a Cyclo gear system displayed in the Science Museum (page 3).
  • The open letter from Oppy, with his observations on the 1931 Tour de France (page 4).
  • The tragically racist picture of the drummer on page 9.
  • Ossie Nicholson’s 1934 record of riding 43,996 miles in one year, covering over 100 miles on each of the 365 days (page 12). Holy cow!

The 1936 Cyclo derailleur range comprises:

  • The Cyclo Two Speed.
  • The Cyclo Three Speed.
  • The Cyclo Four Speed.
  • The Cyclo Witmy.

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