Cyclo Benelux Sport P2

Cyclo Benelux Sport P2 derailleur main image

For 1963 the Cyclo Gear Company decided to bring out an economy parallelogram derailleur, to sell in volume to bicycle manufacturers in place of its basic pull chain models. This economy model was the Cyclo Benelux Sport P2. It was bought in quantity by Raleigh and was famously fitted on the sportier variants of the Moulton small-wheel bicycle.

It’s a strange design to release three years after the Cyclo Benelux Super 60. All the interesting features of the Super 60 are absent, it has a very short pulley cage and the pivot of the pulley cage is on the axis of the pulley wheels - a retrograde step that is not obviously due to price constraints. Overall it is a pressed steel derivative of the 1953 Campagnolo Gran Sport. It is almost as if Raleigh had told Cyclo to stop messing around with their own bright ideas and buckle down to producing the cheapest possible copy of a Gran Sport.

The Cyclo Benelux Sport P2 was the last British derailleur ever - and unfortunately you can’t say that Cyclo quit while they were ahead.

  • Derailleur brands: Cyclo Gear Company
  • Country: UK
  • Date of introduction: 1963
  • Date of this example: unknown
  • Model no.: unknown
  • Weight: 316g including hanger plate
  • Maximum cog: 28 teeth?
  • Total capacity: 26 teeth?
  • Pulley centre to centre: 43mm
  • Index compatibility: friction
  • Chain width: 3/32”?
  • Logic: top normal
  • B pivot: unsprung
  • P pivot: sprung
  • Materials: steel