Cyclo Benelux Mark 7 Gear

Cyclo Benelux Mark 7 Gear scan 1 main image

This leaflet has the most ‘modern’ layout and design of any of my Cyclo publications - which originally led me to think that it dates from around 1964. However the price for a 24 hour exchange service of a complete Cyclo Benelux Mark 7 is 13/2 (thirteen shillings and tuppence) whereas the price for this service in the 1962 catalog is 15/- (fifteen shillings). As prices generally rise rather than fall this suggests that this leaflet may date from 1961 or earlier. Hmmmm...

I am also confused by the enamel logos riveted to the Cyclo Benelux Mark 7. There are at least three different version of this logo - a plain oval flat plate, a flat plate including an oval, but with plain painted ‘wings’ and finally the version shown in this leaflet - a three dimensional extravaganza with ‘feathered wings’. I do not know the order in which these logos appeared. I do know that the Cyclo Benelux Sport P2 (the last derailleur that Cyclo ever produced) has the plain oval - so this may be the very last variant. So my guessed order would be; first the flat logo including oval and plain wings, then the extravagant 3D logo shown here and finally the plain flat oval logo.