Cyclo - leaflet 1959

Cyclo - leaflet 1959 scan 1 main image

I think that this modest flyer dates from 1959 - because it refers to the 1958 Tour de France and to reviews in 'Le Cycle' magazine dated in August 1957 and August 1958.

The front side of the sheet, emblazoned with Cyclo logos, makes little mention of derailleurs, but is dominated by reviews of, and images of, freewheels. This illustrates the unfortunate truth that, by 1959, Cyclo had long lost its leading position in the derailleur market, and was primarily a freewheel manufacturer.

The derailleur range, on the second side of the sheet, includes 3 models:

  • The Cyclo Course, a short cage twin-pulley pull-chain derailleur for racing.
  • The Cyclo Route, a long cage twin-pulley pull-chain derailleur for touring.
  • The Cyclo Touriste, the classic Cyclo long cage, twin-pulley, twin-cable, helically operated design for touring.

  • Publisher: Cyclo
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1959
  • Derailleur brands: Cyclo
  • Derailleurs: Cyclo Course, Cyclo Route, Cyclo Touriste