Cyclo - Changement de Vitesse 1936?

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As ever, I am using a touch of detective work to date this catalogue. My guess is 1936 - because it refers to race results from 1935. It also contains a claim that the Le Cyclo derailleur was 12 years old (the relevant patent dates from 1924). A further claim is that the Cyclo company had 30 years of experience. This last claim is more problematic, I thought Albert Raimond started working with bicycles in 1909, which would give 27 years of experience - but perhaps that's close enough.

The Cyclo derailleur range, at this time, included:

  • Le Cyclo 2-speeds of various types
  • Le Cyclo 3-speeds of various types
  • Le Cyclo 4-speeds of various types
  • Super Cyclo Course
  • Cyclo Poly

It's worth noting two things about this range:

  • Firstly the Le Cyclo 4-speed can be used with 3-speed, 4-speed and even 5-speed cassette clusters when used with the Cyclo Tank freehub system.
  • Secondly, even Cyclo, the king of derailleurs, had to respond to the new fork type, lightweight, road racing, designs being introduced by Vittoria and, particularly, by Super Champion. Cyclo show two models here; the Super Cyclo Course that uses Cyclo's signature helical mechanism, and the cheaper Cyclo Poly that still uses a twin cable system, but with a simpler lever-operated design.

  • Publisher: Cyclo
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1936?
  • Derailleur brands: Cyclo
  • Derailleurs: Le Cyclo 2-speed, Le Cyclo 3-speed, Le Cyclo-4 speed, Super Cyclo Course, Cyclo Poly