Cyclo - Changement de Vitesse 1932?

Cyclo - Changement de Vitesse 1932? scan 1 main image

I think that this catalogue dates from 1932 - because it refers to the results of the 1931 Tour de France and of the Paris-Brest-Paris in September 1931.

Page 1 states that derailleurs not only allow all different ages of cyclists to agreeably use their bikes for work, tourism and racing, but also to overcome gradients, mud and headwinds. The presence of mud in this list of terrors reminds us a little about the state of the roads in 1932.

The Cyclo derailleur range, at this time, included 2 speed, 3 speed and 4 speed variants of the 'Le Cyclo' helically operated derailleur. All three variants are available with either toothed or flanged tension pulleys. The 3 speed variant is also available with the Cyclo Tank freehub system.

The exploded diagrams reveal that the 2 speed has a helical groove in the main rod, and a spigot on the rotating sleeve. The 3 and 4 speed variants have a spigot mounted on the main rod and a helical cut-out in the rotating sleeve.

  • Publisher: Cyclo
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1932?
  • Derailleur brands: Cyclo
  • Derailleurs: Le Cyclo 2 speed, Le Cyclo 3 speed, Le Cyclo 4 speed