Cycling Tour - Parts Accessory Catalog

Cycling Tour  - Parts Accessory scan 01 main image

I generally struggle to find early Japanese documents - so I immediately scan anything that I find.

I am not entirely sure what this document is, but I have included it anyway. My guesses are:

  • Cycling Tour may have been a bicycle shop in Tokyo that was a Bridgestone bicycle dealer.
  • The catalogue appears to date from the early 1960s - as it shows both an early Huret Svelto and a SunTour 8.8.8. Wide. I have guessed that it dates from 1963.
  • It shows two pull-chain derailleurs, and refers to both of them as being SunTour '8.8.8.' models. I think something here is not entirely correct. I believe that the image of the chainstay mounted model is actually an image of a Sanko design.

As an aside, I do like the fonts used for arabic numbers on older Japanese documents. They have a certain Ninja style.