Cycling 1939 - Osgear advert (2nd style)

Cycling 1939 - Osgear advert (2nd style) main image

Sylvère Maes deserves to be remembered for two reasons:

  • First he has the most spectacular tan lines ever seen in cycling.
  • Second he gave his name to the standard style of drop handlebars. A style that he first used.

This advert describes a range of Osgear derailleurs including 5 models:

2 fork-type derailleurs

  • Osgear Super Champion
  • Osgear Super Champion Professional

3 derailleurs with pulley wheels

  • Osgear Grand Sport
  • Osgear Champion du Monde
  • Osgear Empire

All these models were all manufactured by Super Champion. They correspond fairly straight-forwardly with Super Champion models of the same name with 3 caveats:

  • Publisher: Cycling
  • Country: UK
  • Date: 1939
  • Derailleur brands: Osgear
  • Derailleurs: Osgear Super Champion, Osgear Professional, Osgear Grand Sport, Osgear Champion du Monde, Osgear Empire
Cycling 1939 - Osgear advert (2nd style) main image