Cycles de Route et Grande Tourisme
“Le Chemineau”

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This catalogue of ‘Le Chemineau’ bicycles does not carry any obvious date.

Putting on my best Inspector Clouseau accent I note that, on the one hand, it includes a model called 'Type Benoit Faure, super Tour de France' and offers the Rich' Land bicycle range with the Izoard derailleur. Neither the Benoit Faure model or the Izoard derailleur are described as being new introductions. Benoit Faure won the independant category of the Tour de France in 1929 and the Izoard derailleur was launched in 1927. This vaguely indicates that this leaflet may date from sometime after 1929.

On the other hand the Le Chemineau derailleurs pictured have plain tension pulleys. Most of the photos that I have seen of Le Chemineau derailleurs from 1933 onwards have shown models with pulleys wheels that include extravagantly cutaway side plates. Therefore I crudely surmise that this catalogue may date from sometime before about 1933.

So - my best guess at the date of this leaflet is somewhere around 1931.

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