Cream - Disraeli Gears

Cream - Disraeli Gears main image

B side

  • 1.Tales of Brave Ulysses

  • 2.SWLABR

  • 3.We’re Going Wrong

  • 4.Outside Woman Blues

  • 5.Take It Back

  • 6.Mother’s Lament

The iconic cover (which I never liked) was designed by Martin Sharp. Just looking at it brings back memories of trying to clean Blu-Tack marks off the damp walls of student flats.

My own copy of the cover seems badly faded compared to the lurid versions I find on the web, and the vinyl has been ploughed by a million roughly dropped styli (styluses?). But you can get a perfect CD or mp3 of Disraeli Gears everywhere that music is sold.

If you want to get a taste, go onto iTunes and play the 90 second snippet of ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ - which you, young, people may recognise as the air-guitar classic that your grandfather likes to play when your grandmother is safely out of the house at the chiropodist.

  • Artist: Cream
  • Producers/Labels: Polydor
  • Themes: Music
  • Trivia related by brand: none
  • Date: 1967
  • Serial number: 2394 129
  • Derailleur brands: none
  • Derailleurs: none