Changement de Vitesses CENTRIX

Changement de Vitesses CENTRIX image 1 main image

This excellent set of instructions is a mine of information:

  • It records palmares for the 1932 season and part of the 1933 season - indicating that it was produced in 1933 before the season ended.
  • It describes the 3 speed Centrix Course, a single pulley derailleur with a maximum capacity of 5 teeth.
  • It also describes the 3 speed or 6 speed (with a double chain wheel) Centrix Touriste (or sometimes Tourisme), a double pulley derailleur with a maximum capacity of 12 teeth.
  • It confirms, repeatedly, that these Centrix derailleurs were desigend by Huret.

Both derailleurs look to be fairly well sorted designs produced to a high standard.