Centauros (1st style) main image Cristim (1st style) main image Cristim (2nd style) main image

Up until recently I included 'Centauros' and 'Cristim' derailleurs under my imaginary brand 'Unknown Brazilians'. However I have now seen a good handful of examples of Centauros, Centauros-like and Cristim derailleurs. Also a Brazilian correspondent emailed me to complain, in the politest possible way, that I was willing to recognise very obscure brands from other countries - but did not do this for Brazilian derailleurs. So I have now decided to grant 'Centauros/Cristim' the accolade of being a brand in its own right. I have grouped Centauros and Cristim together because it seems clear that the derailleurs were produced in the same factory.

None of this changes the fact that I know next to nothing about either Centauros or Cristim or the combination of the two. I do not even know that they are definitively Brazilian - my only evidence is that all the relevant derailleurs that I have ever seen have been found in Brazil. The derailleurs that carry the Centauros branding clearly show a registered trademark symbol - but I have been unable to find a way of searching Brazilian trademarks to discover real data from this.