Campagnolo instructions - 7225050 ('2/91 ATB')

Campagnolo instructions - 2/91 ATB COD 7225050 scan 01 main image

These instructions only mention the Campagnolo Euclid and Campagnolo Centaur derailleurs in the text. But this example actually came supplied with a Campagnolo Themis, so I thikn the same instructions were used with Campagnolo Euclid, Campagnolo Centaur, Campagnolo Olympus and Campagnolo Themis rear derailleurs. Which would make sense as they are functionally similar.

  • Publisher: Campagnolo
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: February 1991
  • Derailleur brands: Campagnolo
  • Derailleurs: Campagnolo Themis, Campagnolo Olympus, Campagnolo Centaur, Campagnolo Euclid