Campagnolo C11 Dream Team
(10 episodes)

Campagnolo C11 Dream Team - Episode 1 The Dream Team main image

in 2009, to promote the launch of its new, and at the time unique, 11-speed groupsets, Campagnolo dreamed up a PR event. It got a 'Dream Team' of 11 celebrity athletes to ride the demanding Maratona dles Dolomites using bikes equipped with Campagnolo 11-speed groupsets.

These films are a record of this event - and what they show is quite interesting.

Firstly, the athletes were:

  • Alessandra Sensini - a windsurfer
  • Andrea Facchin - a flatwater canoeist
  • Antonio Rossi - a sprint canoeist
  • Cristian Zorzi - a cross-country skier
  • Isolde Kostner - an Alpine skier
  • Jury Chechi - a gymnast
  • Margherita Granbassi - a foil fencer
  • Peter Runggaldier - another Alpine skier
  • Rossano Galtarossa - a rower
  • Stefano Baldini - a marathon runner
  • Troy Bayliss - a motorcyclist

Yup, me neither!

Even though this crew have won an truck-load of of Olympic medals and World Championships, I have never heard of a single one of them. Perhaps that's because they are famous in Italy, but, possibly, not so much elsewhere. It's interesting, and even heart-warming, that Campagnolo saw the launch of their 11-speed groupsets as mainly an Italian event aimed at Italian consumers. Marketing madness, but culturally impressive.

Maybe Shimano has spectacular Japanese launch events featuring Japanese domestic stars. And maybe we just never get to hear of them. But then maybe not.

Secondly, although this series of films is clearly intended as a coherent set, very little is consistent:

  • One video has a 5:4 aspect ratio, the rest are 16:9.
  • There are at least 4 different layouts of title slide, using different wording, fonts and even different Campagnolo logos.
  • One 'portrait' video features two stars, the others feature a single star. Some stars feature in a 'portrait' video, some don't.

This level of variation kind-of speaks of a pleasant lack of obsessive planning and of an admirable willingness to relax control and see where it takes you.

But, again, it's difficult to imagine Shimano producing a video series as inconsistent as this. It all reminds me, worryingly, of a friend of mine who is a plumber. He once brusquely told his young trainee 'plumbing is not Art College - there are wrong answers...'.

  • Publisher: Campagnolo
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: 2009
  • Derailleur brands: Campagnolo
  • Derailleurs: Campagnolo Super Record (RD9-SR1), Campagnolo Record (RD9-RE1)