Campagnolo - catalogue n. 18 bis (December 1985 version)

Campagnolo - catalogue n. 18 bis (Dec 85 version) page 01 main image

Like Campagnolo's catalogue n. 18, the date of this catalogue is strangely uncertain. It is generally regarded as being from 1985, possibly describing the range for model year 1986. But this example is clearly coded 4/85 on page 55, and April 1985 might seem a little early to launch a 1986 range. campybike.com claims that identical versions of this catalogue were printed in April 1985 and December 1986.

This catalogue describes a completely new Campagnolo range, which was intended to replace the old range described in Campagnolo's catalogue n. 18. Which makes it all the more surprising that Campagnolo was still reprinting the old catalogue n. 18 as late as December 1986.

Clearly the replacement of the old Campagnolo range by the new Campagnolo range was more than a little chaotic - which is just as I remember it!

This, much vaunted, new Campagnolo range was made up of the following derailleurs:

  • Campagnolo Victory corsa (0102045)
  • Campagnolo Victory leisure (0102047)
  • Campagnolo Triomphe corsa (0102055)
  • Campagnolo Triomphe leisure (0102057)

The range (and even the model numbering system), has started to show a modicum of logic.