Campagnolo - Catalog 17a

Campagnolo - Catalog 17a front cover main image

This Catalog 17a has a copyright date of 1975, and is generally considered to date from late 1975, describing the range for model year 1976. However the first fly sheet does include the information that Campagnolo is the sole technical advisor to the World Championships in August 1977 in Venezuela. Presumably this had been arranged two years in advance.

In terms of derailleurs, the main change from Campagnolo's catalogue n. 17 is the return of the thoroughly underwhelming Campagnolo Velox (2250) and Campagnolo Gran Turismo (2270). So it describes a line-up as follows:

  • Campagnolo Rally (3450). On its b-knuckle, the version shown appears to have no gusset between the 'arm' holding the hanger bolt and the section holding the parallelogram pivots.
  • Campagnolo Gran Turismo (2270). And what a horrible thing it is too.
  • Campagnolo Valentino Extra (2170). Again the catalogue designer has been lazy and reverted to an old image from Catalogue No. 16. The model shown has 9 toothed pulley wheels.
  • Campagnolo Velox (2250)