Campagnolo - 2001 Spare Parts & Tools Catalogue

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For model year 2001 Campagnolo made the following changes to their range:

  • A new 10-speed Daytona deraileur was introduced.
  • The Racing Triple was rechristened the 'Racing T'. Campagnolo began to group it with Chorus, whereas they had originally grouped it with Athena.
  • All the 9-speed derailleurs got a makeover.

So I think that the rear derailleur range might have gone as follows:


  • Campagnolo Record (RD00-RE210)
  • Campagnolo Record (RD00-RE210L)
  • Campagnolo Chorus (RD00-CH210)
  • Campagnolo Chorus (RD00-CH210L)
  • Campagnolo Daytona (RD01-DA210)*


  • Campagnolo Record (RD01-RE209)*
  • Campagnolo Chorus (RD01-CH209)*
  • Campagnolo Racing T (RD01-RA309)*
  • Campagnolo Daytona (RD01-DA209)*
  • Campagnolo Daytona Triple (RD01-DA309)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce (RD01-VL209)*
  • Campagnolo Veloce Triple (RD01-VL309)*
  • Campagnolo Mirage (RD01-MI209)*
  • Campagnolo Mirage Triple (RD01-MI309)*

* New for model year 2001

From 2000 the part numbers were made up as follows:

  • 'RD' for 'rear derailleur' - which was not particularly Italian.
  • 2 numbers to indicate the year of introduction. So '01' indicated 2001.
  • A dash for good measure
  • Two letters that indicated the model/group name. So 'RE' meant Record.
  • One number that indicated whether the derailleur was designed for a double chainset ('2') or a triple chainset ('3').
  • Two numbers that indicated the number of speeds. So '09' for 9-speed and '10' for 10-speed.

These images come from a pdf downloaded from the Campagnolo web site some years ago. The rear derailleurs are featured from page 15 to page 19.

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