Campagnolo - 2000 Range Presentation

Campagnolo - 2000 Range Presentation slide 01 main image

I was so pleased to find this document. It is such an icon of those years around 2000. Of those hours that we have all spent yawning, while trying to look politely interested, as slides like these flipped onto a screen in an unending stream.

Think of a badly ventilated conference room in a featureless hotel, think of a stomach biliously filled with tastelss finger food that manages to be both inedibly dry and slightly too oily... And you can immediately see the horrid fonts in gruesome colours, the even weirder drop shadows, the slide with a huge single word followed by the slide with the table filled with tiny writing, the photos displayed in the incorrect aspect ratio, the utter absence of proof-reading... I could go on and on... All we need is an uninvited Clippy to suddenly appear offering bizarrely inappropriate advice.


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