Caloi 120 anos (5 episodes)

Caloi 120 anos episode 5 - 2018 Caloi 10 main image

These videos appeared on Caloi's web site as part of its 120th aniversary celebrations. They are:

  • 'CaloiCross Extra', from 1983, a celebration of Caloi's BMX bikes channeling imagery from the 1982 film 'ET'.
  • 'Os Trapalhões e o Mágico de Oróz', from 1984. Os Trapalhões (The Bumbling) is a group of Brazilian comedians who made a series of slapstick comedy TV programmes and then feature films somewhat akin to Britains 'Carry On' films. In 1984 Os Trapalhões made a film called Os Trapalhões e o Mágico de Oróz (The Bumbling and the Wizard of Oz) which combined elements of the story of The Wizard of Oz with a critique of the catastrophic drought that was decimating the North East of Brazil at the time. What exactly this has to do with Caloi BMX bikes is slightly beyond me - but this is certainly one of the most bizarre promotional bicycle videos that I have ever seen. All it is missing is Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor appearing on a tandem.
  • 'Caloi Cruiser', from sometime in the 1990s. This appears to celebrate Caloi becoming an international company by breaking into the US market.
  • 'Quem disse que fabricamos apenas bicicletas?' (Who said we only make bicycles?), from 2017. This is a moody piece designed to position Caloi as a smart, urban, near-hipster, brand. Cooler than a Polar Bear's toes.
  • 'Caloi 10', from 2018. Middle-aged men reminiscing about the legendary Caloi 10 ten-speed bike - a machine that changed the face of Brazilian cycling. Just the kind of footage that I love.