BSA 'high fidelity' cycling

BSA 'high fidelity' cycling scan 1 main image

'Hi Fi cycling - it's real cool'. There's jumping on a band-wagon, and there's jumping at a band-wagon and completely missing it.

It would be easy to associate this bizarre catalogue with the tsunami of Beatlemania that swept the world in the 1960s, but this document dates from November 1960 and the 'From Me to You' did not reach No. 1 in the Hit Parade (remember that?) until May 1963. 'She Loves You' - perhaps the real break through - was even later, in autumn 1963.

No, the strange shaped guitar player dates from the general age of Elvis, but more specifically in the UK, Cliff. My personal hope is that our odd friend is strumming 'Apache' by The Shadows. But whatever he is playing, It certainly seems to be doing the trick for her. As an aside, there does seem to be some weird knitwear going on. Perhaps it was a 1960s thing.

In terms of derailleurs, this catalogue records a critical point in the history of the British derailleur industry. BSA had been a stalwart supporter of the Cyclo Gear Company since the 1930s, but here we see even BSA adopting the Campagnolo Gran Sport rather than the new Cyclo Benelux Super 60. The Cyclo Benelux Super 60 was the great white hope of the British derailleur industry - so BSA's choice of Campagnolo was ominous.