BSA Fine Quality Bicycles

BSA Fine Quality Bicycles - scan 1 main image

Some notable features of this catalogue include:

  • There are two versions of the BSA derailleur shown. The 1950 BSA 4-Star is on scan 2 and the 1949 version has sneaked into scan 11.
  • BSA intend the 4-Star derailleur to be used with a four speed cassette hub with easily interchangeable splined sprockets (scan 2).
  • Dig those groovy pencil point stays - sharp! (See the photo of the BSA 4-Star gear on scan 2).
  • Derailleurs are not just for racing bikes. The Light Tourist (scan 12) is offered with a derailleur option.
  • There are about 6 different saddlebags shown, some with cunning saddle hugging shapes.
  • Smaller children are offered ‘Junior Parabikes’ (scan 15) with curved tubes mimicking the famous bikes that BSA made for paratroopers in World War II.
  • Any component made from duralumin or other similar light alloy is excluded from the guarantee (see section 2.(5) on (scan 16).
  • The shy, retiring, Sir Bernard Docker has to get a name check (scan 16).

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BSA 4-Star (1st style) derailleur thumbnail
BSA 4-Star derailleur thumbnail