Boys Life 1976 - Sears advert (2nd style)

Boys Life 1976 - Sears advert (2nd style) main image

Riding 349 miles in six days seems a rather limp feat, until you look more closely at Spencer Gentry’s achievement.

First you have to do it on a bike that is obviously several sizes too small. Then you have to carry a substantial rucsac - which looks to be full of Osmium bricks. Your movements (and saddle comfort) are restricted by having to wear Jeans and your upper body temperature control and sweat management are hampered by being clad in a proper bri-nylon shirt with a collar and a polyester sweater that your mother clearly bought you - probably for your birthday. Finally there is the small matter of the bike - replete with Excel Dynamic Syncromesh derailleur (at a mere 300 odd grams) and a frame that would be ideal for piping methane across the Ukraine. All in all, it is not a combination for the faint hearted.

Hats off to our young hero - he deserves all the plaudits he gets.

As for the bike - remarkably, it’s still going strong after all of six whole days - presumably on the seventh day it rested - and saw that it was good.

Boys Life 1976 - Sears advert (2nd style) main image
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