Boys Life 1968 - Sears advert

Boys Life 1968 - Sears advert main image

We like to think of Shimano in terms of Dura-Ace and XTR, or at the very least in terms of 105 and Deore LX - but the truth is that Shimano got its breakthrough into the world derailleur market supplying gears for bikes like the Sears Screamer.

Check out the unusable handlebars, the unreachable brake levers, the hellish (and variable) fork geometry, the absence of a front brake and the equally disturbing presence of two rear rim brakes. Thank god that the dangerously positioned gear lever “shifts the derailleur gears slickety-split”.

But I do like the look of the Shimano Lark, the candy apple paint job and the golden glitter handlebar tape.

Boys Life 1968 - Sears advert main image
Boys Life 1968 - Sears advert additional image 01

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