Bicycling 1977 - Fuji advert

Bicycling 1977 - Fuji advert main image

There’s a lot to enjoy in this advert. Firstly, the 10 year ceasefire in the ‘number of gears’ war, which had been enjoying a general consensus that 5 sprockets was quite enough on a freewheel for all but the most extreme racers, was about to be broken. This war has raged, unabated, ever since. Here Fuji offer a 12 speed touring bike for $160.

Secondly the fish eye lens has captured the classic late 1970s component set - SunTour gears, Sugino or SR crankset, KKT or MKS pedals and Dia-Compe centre-pull brakes.

And finally there is the attention to frame building detail. The half chromed ends, the rear dropout with double eyelets, the excellent paintwork and the neatly domed and slotted ends of the stays - as my grandmother would say, if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.

Bicycling 1977 - Fuji advert main image

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