Benoni Beheyt - 1963 photo

Benoni Beheyt - photo 1963 main image

Benoni Beheyt, Belgian, 1940 -

I am embarrassed to say that I know next to nothing about Benoni Beheyt. I know he was Belgian, and I know he won the World Road Race Championship in 1963. And, errrr, that's it.

I believe that he used one of the, then new, Campagnolo Record (1020) derailleurs to win his World Championship.

This rather splendid photo of Benoni Beheyt leading the peleton was taken on stage 4 of the 1963 Tour de France, just a few months before his win in the Worlds. You can see the derailleur in the close up.

It is one of two images of Benoni on this site, the other is here.

(Source nationaalarchief.nl Dutch National Archive)

Benoni Beheyt - photo 1963 main image
Benoni Beheyt - photo 1963 additional image 01