Benoît Faure - 1929? postcard

Benoit Faure - postcard scan 1 main image

Benoît Faure, French, 1899 - 1980

Benoît Faure was a worker in Joanny Panel’s Le Chemineau factory, and an accomplished rider. His racing exploits served to promote the use of derailleur gears in general and Le Chemineau derailleur equipped bikes in particular. Because of his small stature, Benoît was popularly known as ‘la Souris’ (the Mouse).

According to Frank Berto, Benoît Faure’s greatest achievement was winning the independent category of the Tour de France in both 1929 and 1930 riding Le Chemineau bicycles (although these were probably fixed gear models).

This photo shows the Benoit ("The King of Climbers") riding his Le Chemineau bicycle on the Nice-Grenoble stage of the 1929? Tour de France.