Belgian Chewing Gum Ltd S.A.

Charly Gaul 1958? - Belgian Chewing Gum card

Charly Gaul 1958? - Belgian Chewing Gum card

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Unfortunately I'm not an expert on brands of chewing gum - from a quick scan of the internet it appears that gum is almost as fertile ground for irrational obsession as bicycle parts. Here's the little that I do know about Belgian Chewing Gum Ltd S.A.:

  • It has a bemusing name including both 'Ltd' and S.A.'. Is this a Belgian thing? Surely they could also have found space for 'Corp' and 'GmbH'?
  • It was based in the Deurne district of Antwerp.
  • In the 1950s it produced collectable cards featuring fim stars. There are some rather fetching examples depicting Ronald Reagan looking particularly glaikit.
  • For a short time, possibly around 1958, it produced a series of cards featuring cyclists.
  • It appears to have continued to produce cards into the 1970s, specializing in little known Belgian football stars with unlikely haircuts.