Beate Habetz - 1978? photo

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Beate Habetz, German, 1961 -

Beate Habertz won the women's World Championship road race in 1978, at the tender age of 18. The event was held in Brauweiler, near Cologne - which just happens to be the town of Beate's birth. Given that Brauweiler is a tiny place with only 8,000 inhabitants, this is just plain spooky.

Coming from a cycling family, Beate was an accomplished cyclist, winning 16 German national titles across both the road and the track. After retiring from competition she ran a bicycle shop in Cologne, that exists to this day, run by one Hans-J├╝rgen Habetz.

In terms of derailleurs, Beate is pictured using the inevitable (for the time) Campagnolo Super Record.

Beate Habertz main image
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