Athos Guizzardi - 1945? photo

Athos Guizzardi - photo main image

Athos Guizzardi, Italian, 1921 - 2016

Before the Second World War Athos Guizzardi was a young and promising amateur cyclist. In the years immediately after the Second World War he was a professional cyclist, racing against the likes of Alfredo Binda, Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi. He seems to have won one single race, the Trofeo Rodolfo Tagliabue, in 1945.

In 1952, he appears to have retired from cycling and established a workshop in Casalecchio, a rather natty and historic suburb of Bologna. He started by making cycle components, particularly handlebars. Gradually his workshop transitioned, via garden furniture, into the famous (at least in Italy) Athos Guizzardi barbecue business.

This photos shows a relaxed Athos Guizzardi, possibly in 1945.

I know nothing about the derailleurs that Athos may have used during his cycling career. However I do suspect that his company manufactured a derailleur in the 1970s.

Athos Guizzardi - photo main image