Argentinian Trademark # 1,486,116 - Supjam

Argentinian Trademark 1486116 - Supjam main image

This is a very mysterious document - at least to me. It appears to be the renewal of a trademark for the word 'Supjam' in relation to Class 12 goods. Class 12 goods are vehicles for transport etc. and include bicycles and bicycle components.

The trademark being renewed appears to be # 822,687, with this renewal applied for on 26th April 1985. Although I have to note that the tell-tale date of 1st January 1900 does appear elsewhere in the document - which may indicate that the person filling out the form was not as thorough as they might have been.

The rest of the information is strangely incoherent. Is the applicant called Encarnacion Castro de Martino? What does the "%" symbol mean at the end of the name? Is the address of the applicant Avenida Rivadavia 755, perhaps in Buenos Aires? What locality is "CP."?

And why is the page laid out in such a surreal manner?

Perhaps it makes more sense if you are familiar with the, possibly rather Kafkaesque, customs and practices of the Argentine bureaucracy - or perhaps not.

If you can understand it please let me know!

Argentinian Trademark 1486116 - Supjam main image